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Statistical tools for EPrints

Installation Configuration API

What is IRStats2?
IRStats2 is a statistical framework for EPrints - It comes with some cool default tools and reports and it can also be customised to, for instance, add new metrics or data sets. It has a Javascript API to include stats on any pages you want.

IRStats2 is developed against EPrints 3.3 but it was written to also work on EPrints 3.2. Older versions of EPrints are, however, not supported.

What's new in version 1.1?
This new version includes a number of improvements to existing features such as easier deployment, faster database code, tool tips and improved browser detection, as well as a number of smaller tweaks and fixes.
It now also includes filtering to allow the blocking of web crawling robots as standard.
See here for more details.

Please read along to find out how to get it and how to customise it.